WE Renewables (WER) is offering investors the opportunity to invest in Renewable Energy projects in Asia through bonds. Investing can be from an amount of €1000, one thousand euros, or a multiple thereof. The investor will receive a return of 5.5% per annum. The maturity is 5 years, meaning you will be receiving the principal after 5 years plus 5 times an annual return of 5.5%.

The Bonds that are being issued by WER are a unique offer for investors who, through their investment, want to:

  • Contribute, in line with the Paris Agreement, to the fight against global warming and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Support actions to provide access to clean energy, through 24/7 electrification of communities living in off-grid areas of ASEAN countries, such as the Philippines, in the cleanest possible manner by using renewable energy sources in the energy-mix and smart systems to reach commercially viability;
  • Accelerate the deployment of rooftop solar PV and other appropriate renewable energy technologies on commercial, industrial, and residential sites in ASEAN countries, such as Singapore and Philippines;
  • Receive a fair return on their investments.

The bonds are issued in denominations of EURO 1,000, one thousand euros, each. The total value of bonds to be issued in several tranches and is limited to EURO 2,499,000 on an annual basis. WER offers a first tranche of bonds up to a total amount of EURO 300,000, for which registration continues till 31st March 2018. Interested parties can subscribe for the purchase of a bond of EURO 1,000.00 or multiples thereof.

The Bonds are issued in The Netherlands to investors with a Dutch or European Union (EU) bank account held with a licensed Dutch and/or EU Bank authorised to operate in the Netherlands and are not offered in jurisdictions where or to people to whom such an offer is not allowed, prohibited or subject to restrictions. Everyone who obtains this document must be informed on such restrictions and must act accordingly. WER cannot be held liable for any violations at any time in any jurisdiction.

 The Investment Projects

The first three investment projects are located on the Palawan Islands in the Philippines. The first project is the Sabang Renewable Energy Corporation (SREC) Project, also called the “Sabang Project”, which is being prepared for construction, expected to start in January 2018, in Barangay Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa City, Province of Palawan, Philippines. The Sabang Project is expected to be operational by October 2018. The second and third investment project are within the Culna Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC) Project, located in Culion and in Linapacan, both in the Province of Palawan, Philippines. Both projects within CREC are expected to be ready for construction towards the last quarter of 2018.

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