Mr. Konrad von Ritter, MEcon

Mr. Konrad von Ritter, MEcon


German Citizen/Based in Germany. He brings in over 25 years of experience in Sustainable Development, of which 20 years with the World Bank Group. Currently, he is Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of WEnergy Global Pte Ltd in Singapore. He operates from Neukirchen Austria, where he runs his worldwide advisory activities for Cities & Climate Change and Climate Finance issues, including advisory work on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) and smart energy policies. As manager at the World Bank Institute, he created the Climate Change Practice.. As a project leader he helped introduce economic instruments in environmental management in the Philippines, started up the first Ozone Depleting Substances phase out projects in Malaysia and Thailand, and served as the economist for the China Shandong Urban Environment project. He authored the study on Russia’s Environmental Impact Assessment Capacity. He has worked in Asia, Latin America, and Europe and holds Masters Degrees in Economics and in Political Science from the FU Berlin, Germany; he has been trained by the German Development Institute (DIE); and has a certificate for an Environmental Economics Course at the HIID, Harvard.

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