The first investment project is the Sabang Renewable Energy Corporation (SREC) Project, also called the “Sabang Project”, located in Barangay Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa City, Province of Palawan, Philippines. SREC is being prepared for construction, expected to start in January 2018.

Sabang Renewable Energy Corporation (SREC)


SREC or Sabang Project is a Hybrid Power Project, which has a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant of 1.4 MWp, a durable Battery Pack of 2.3 MWh, 1.2 MW of Diesel Generators and 14 km of Smart Grid aiming to supply 24/7 power to about 650 small and large off-takers in the concession area, that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Nature Protected Area, in a close to carbon neutral manner. The Sabang Project will not only improve standards of living for local residents, but will also create a sound platform for business activity in the region to flourish. It fits into the policy of the Philippines National Climate Change Office to initiate are as for experimentation with a green growth approach.

Apart from providing clean and green power to the residents, the project aims at ensuring sustainable growth of the whole area. With continuous supply of power, rapid urbanisation and industrialization that will be induced and can create significant negative impact on the whole ecosystem, starting from deforestation and new constructions to motorisation and congestion. Through, the Sabang Project, WEnergy Global is also advising the local government with the “Qualitative Plan for Sustainability Plan (QPS) of Cabayugan, Sustainable Cabayugan2015”. The “QPS Cabaguyan 2015” provides guidelines to facilitate future sustainable development of Barangay Cabayugan, particularly in the area under service of the Sabang Project. The QPS Cabayugan 2015 aims at providing guidance to urbanization-with-aesthetics induced by economic development.

The Sabang Project also entails to show case its technology marvel through the Renewable Energy (RE) Expo Center, which is envisioned at the heart of power production facility and admit all visitors free-of charge. There are about 300,000 people visiting the Puerto Princesa Underground River every year and this number is increasing. The impact on shifting the mindset of people, that clean electricity can be a reality, will be great as in Asia“ seeing is believing” is the most effective way of educating people. The main intent behind the RE Expo Center is to set a Renewable-Hybrid Energy example for encouraging people of the Philippines and other ASEAN countries towards RE and initiate a snow-ball effect to adopting sustainable RE-Hybrid models to meet the increasing energy demand of the region i.e. whereby the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts an average annual investment of over USD30 billion to be needed for electricity infrastructure (generation, transmission and distribution capacity) to be built.