Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does the WE Renewables B.V. (WER) Bond work?
If an investor wishes to purchase bonds, she/he shall register, submit required documents and transfer funds to the bank account of WER. In return, the investor will receive a bond certificate. WER utilises the funds received to obtain an economic interest in the project companies through WEnergy Global, which returns on such investments to the investor (or bondholder) via WER an annual yield of 5.5% during a period of 5 years. After 5 (or 7) years WER returns the principal amount to the bondholder. Please refer to the detailed terms & conditions under the bond instrument document available on the website of WER.

2. What is the unique proposition of WER bond?
The bonds that are being issued by WE Renewables are a unique offer for investors who, through their investment, want to:

  • Contribute, in line with the Paris Agreement, to the fight against global warming;
  • Support actions to provide access to clean modern energy, through 24/7 electrification of communities living in off-grid areas of ASEAN countries, such as the Philippines, in the cleanest possible manner by using renewable energy sources in the energy-mix and smart systems to reach commercially viability;
  • Accelerate the deployment of rooftop solar PV and other appropriate renewable energy technologies on commercial, industrial, and residential sites in ASEAN countries, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Laos or Singapore;
  • Receive a fair return on their investments that is relatively much higher than yields offered on savings accounts or bonds or the stock-exchange returns.

3. What are the investment projects?
WEnergy Global is developing a portfolio of off-grid electrification projects in ASEAN. It also provides rooftop solar PV projects to private entities (such as private universities or owners of factories) under Engineering-Procurement-Construction contracts. WEnergy Global is also developing small hydropower in countries, such as Laos, using river run-off turbines to generate electricity at existing hydropower dams. It is currently focusing on the first three power projects that are located on Palawan in the Philippines and ready or close to execution: Sabang, Culion and Linapacan. Off-grid electrification concerns areas where there is no electricity at present. Residents and businesses make an intense effort and spent high amounts of money for self-generated power. Developing and implementing power supply infrastructure for 24/7 clean or hybrid energy supplies will reduce cost of electricity and contribute to social economic development. Please refer to the Information Memorandum for details.

4. Who is eligible to invest?
The bonds are issued in The Netherlands to investors with a Dutch or European Union (EU) bank account and are not offered in jurisdictions where or to people to whom such an offer is not allowed, prohibited or subject to restrictions.

5. What is the minimum investment amount?
Investing can be from an amount of €1,000, one thousand euros, or a multiple thereof. There is no maximum.

6. What is the payback and interest?
The investor will receive a return of 5.5%. This return is paid annually. The maturity is 5 years. This means that you get back the principal after five years and five times an annual return of 5.5%. As this business case is built on conservative assumptions, in case the business delivers better profits than expected, WER may pay out a bonus to investors of an additional 5.5% at the end of the 5th year.  There could be circumstances under which WER may decide to request bond holders to extend the bonds for an additional two years to mitigate market risks affecting bondholders.

7. What is the investment risk?
Investors in projects are exposed to several risks that could impact their annual yield and/or their principal amount. However, these risks and their mitigating measures have been identified and put in place by the management of WER to protect the interests of bondholders. Please refer to the Information Memorandum and Bond Instrument for details.

8. How to invest?
Please sign up at to receive the Information Memorandum and Bond Instrument. Signed up user will be able to login to WER website to access the investment form.

9. I had submitted the investment form, how do I transfer the fund to WER?
Upon submission of the investment form, we would email you with the payment instructions within 7 business days. In event you did not hear from us after 7 business days of investment form submission, please kindly email us at

10. Will investor be kept up to the date on the progress of the project?
During the term of the bonds, investors will be informed in detail at least twice a year on the progress of the project. WER encourages investors to visit the assets from time to time to witness its functioning, while enjoying an adventurous holiday in the areas.

All interested parties, please sign up at to receive the Information Memorandum and Bond Instrument for details of the bonds. For further enquiries, please email us at