WE Renewables BV (WER) is a company founded in 2016 to be THE platform for investors in renewable energy in Asia. The WER goals are:
  1. To offer an opportunity for the Dutch community to invest in renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia.
  2. To increasing the involvement and awareness of the public and industry on sustainable energy solutions.
  3. To build a network of investment initiatives for renewable energy projects in Asia.
The main activities of WER are:
  1. Identification of suitable quality projects with attractive and acceptable returns.
  2. Attracting funding for these projects.
  3. Managing the project portfolio in the interest of the investors in the Netherlands.

WER does this in close cooperation with WEnergy Global Pte. Ltd. (WEG) in Singapore. WEG was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing, designing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia. The company has 6 shareholders from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and Singapore. The company has all key expertise in-house to develop, build and operate such projects and has won several Dutch awards. The CEO is Ir. Atem S. Ramsundersingh, a Delft graduate and a Dutch citizen. The projects listed on this web site were developed by WEG, which also, with local partners, will be responsible for implementation and operation. The local partners are large, reputable energy companies in the Philippines. For more information visit: www.wenergyglobal.com.