WEnergy Global Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in Singapore on 29 February 2012 and is registered in the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore with registration number 201205015Z. The company consists of six shareholders from The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and Singapore. More information can be found on: http://www.wenergyglobal.com  

WEnergy Global Pte Ltd is able to deliver a complete and comprehensive set of renewable energy systems and energy-savings technologies and services based on the combined international renewable energy sector experience of the key management team adding up to over 150 years.

Strong International Intelligence for In-Depth Market Knowledge and Decision-Making
  • The current shareholders/board directors and CEO rely on their wide intelligence and information network in Asia/ASEAN enabling the Company to position itself strategically at country or project level through early and informed decisions.
  • The Company possesses an in-house, comprehensive and frequently updated database comprising of regional and national demand-related matters such as policy and investment regulations, presence of demands and needs with B2B clients, market prices of commodities and components and supply chain and logistic matters.
  • The Company has comprehensive calculation models for engineering costs, financial-economic analysis, including currency exchange impacts on profit expectations.
  • The Company has hands-on capabilities to provide its clients with competitively priced renewable energy systems of high quality design, backed by supply chain advantages and discounts cultivated over 15 years co-operation with prominent suppliers worldwide.
On the Ground and Operating in South-East Asia
  • The Company is headquartered in and operates out of Singapore, making it easily accessible to any destination in South-East Asia with a relatively short flight time between 1 to 4 hours and relying on and benefitting from Singapore’s transport and logistics hub and trade-agreements with its co-ASEAN and Asian neighbors.
  • Overhead costs are kept relatively low to ensure the pricing of renewable energy is as effective as possible to realize projects with fair and attractive benefits for all stakeholders at relatively low-risks for investments.
  • The Company has renewable energy power projects in its pipeline across different Asian countries that can be implemented in the next 2-3 years. These projects will potentially provide a total of 160 MW of capacity consisting of solar power mixed with other technologies (such as tidal), requiring a total of EURO 275 million of investments.


To become a major quality provider of renewable energy systems solutions with fair and attractive returns on investments, inspired by the broader principles for sustainable life-styles and joyful-living, through global partnerships and engagement with stakeholders.


  1. Generation and Distribution: To develop, plan, design, build, co-own, co-finance and operate renewable energy systems for users at national, local, and individual industrial and household-scales, on-grid or off-grid, in emerging economies in the coming years through solar PV power systems, tidal, river run-off and wind technologies or hybrids of such systems in combination with the use of energy storage systems.
  2. Reducing Power Consumption: To offer innovative technologies to achieve energy-efficiency in buildings by 5-25 percent.
  3. Knowledge Sharing: To provide advisory services to key decision-makers on smart energy policies, green-buildings and management capacity development as a complementary activity to facility change towards sustainable life-styles.

Main Activities

  1. identify and develop projects in ASEAN countries that are suitable for ‘own & operate’ purposes. WEG has a wide intelligence and information network in ASEAN enabling the company to not only position itself strategically at country or project level through early informed decisions, but also catalyze the project development process. WEG has developed a comprehensive database comprising of regional and national matters such as policy and investment regulations, market prices of components and supply chain and logistic matters.
  2. plan, design, engineer, build, finance, commission and maintain renewable energy infrastructure to ensure excellence in operational performance. WEG’s engineering and finance team, consisting of staff and international consultants, operates from Singapore and is equipped with a strong proficiency in developing extensive calculation models for engineering, costs estimates, financial-economic and legal analysis including currency exchange impacts on profit expectations for projects. Backed by supply chain advantages through international relations cultivated over 15 years of co-operation with prominent suppliers, WEG can provide competitively priced renewable energy systems of high quality.
  3. capacity building and knowledge sharing in both private and public sector in ASEAN countries to support transition from conventional energy systems and policies to those systems and policies that support sustainability goals and climate targets set by countries under the Paris Agreement for Climate Change. WEG provides policy advise to governments, facilitates strategy meetings and roadmaps for transition in boards and senior staff of private infrastructure companies, electric cooperatives and financial institutions.